Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Gross Hessen, Germany



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amelia  1812Gross Hessen, Germany I248266
2 Catherine  1811Gross Hessen, Germany I248131
3 Catherine  1818Gross Hessen, Germany I248294
4 Catherine  1826Gross Hessen, Germany I248443
5 Catherine  1832Gross Hessen, Germany I248422
6 Elizabeth  1841Gross Hessen, Germany I248372
7 Eva  1808Gross Hessen, Germany I248417
8 Julianna  1799Gross Hessen, Germany I248370
9 Margaret  1812Gross Hessen, Germany I248285
10 Margaret  1836Gross Hessen, Germany I248301
11 Margaret  1836Gross Hessen, Germany I248127
12 Martha  1826Gross Hessen, Germany I248259
13 Mary  1807Gross Hessen, Germany I248589
14 Armbrecht, Henry  1825Gross Hessen, Germany I248439
15 Decker, Elizabeth  1801Gross Hessen, Germany I248404
16 Estreich, John  1838Gross Hessen, Germany I248126
17 Hack, Margaret  10 Mar 1829Gross Hessen, Germany I50877
18 Heimbuch, Catherine  1838Gross Hessen, Germany I248614
19 Heimbuch, Conrad  1846Gross Hessen, Germany I248650
20 Heimbuch, Elizabeth  1848Gross Hessen, Germany I248662
21 Heimbuch, Henry  1836Gross Hessen, Germany I248601
22 Heimbuch, John  1808Gross Hessen, Germany I248577
23 Heimbuch, John  1844Gross Hessen, Germany I248638
24 Heimbuch, Mary  1842Gross Hessen, Germany I248626
25 Heimbuch, Mary  1851Gross Hessen, Germany I248675
26 Heldman, John Conrad Sr.  1808Gross Hessen, Germany I248167
27 Hess, Conrad  1818Gross Hessen, Germany I248292
28 Hess, Henry  1853Gross Hessen, Germany I248295
29 Hock, Kasper  1795Gross Hessen, Germany I248369
30 Killer, Elizabeth  CALC 1 Nov 1803Gross Hessen, Germany I88896
31 Killer, Heinrich "Henry"  CALC 11 Apr 1807Gross Hessen, Germany I248332
32 Koch, George  1836Gross Hessen, Germany I153421
33 Lanz, Conrad  1805Gross Hessen, Germany I248265
34 Liesemer, George  1841Gross Hessen, Germany I248445
35 Merlan, Maria Catherine "Catherine"  CALC 23 Mar 1813Gross Hessen, Germany I248333
36 Oetzel, Elizabeth  1833Gross Hessen, Germany I248320
37 Otsosik, Balthaser  1828Gross Hessen, Germany I154343
38 Robitzsch, Elizabeth  1841Gross Hessen, Germany I248438
39 Roth, Cartharina  1842Gross Hessen, Germany I248469
40 Rupp, Jost  1775Gross Hessen, Germany I248470
41 Schaefer, George  1852Gross Hessen, Germany I248261
42 Schaefer, Henry  1854Gross Hessen, Germany I248262
43 Schaefer, John  1821Gross Hessen, Germany I248258
44 Schaefer, Philipp  1848Gross Hessen, Germany I248260
45 Schmidt, Henry B.  1807Gross Hessen, Germany I248129
46 Sieger, Elizabeth  1847Gross Hessen, Germany I248267
47 Stein, Franz  1844Gross Hessen, Germany I248418
48 Stein, Henry  1850Gross Hessen, Germany I248420
49 Stein, John Conrad  1816Gross Hessen, Germany I248415
50 Ullner, Anna Elizabeth "Elizabeth"  17 Dec 1802Gross Hessen, Germany I124651
51 Ullner, John  1798Gross Hessen, Germany I248392
52 Ulner, Elizabeth  1843Gross Hessen, Germany I248416
53 Waelker, G.  1795Gross Hessen, Germany I248139
54 Wiegand, William  1846Gross Hessen, Germany I248288
55 Wittmer, John  1842Gross Hessen, Germany I248446
56 Zulanfpin, Henry  1832Gross Hessen, Germany I248375
57 Zulauf, Heinrich "Henry"  1800Gross Hessen, Germany I144552


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ulner, Elizabeth  1861Gross Hessen, Germany I248416