Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Leeds, Yorkshire, England


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Latitude: 53.7998008, Longitude: -1.5482000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashcroft, Private Arthur  8 Jun 1898Leeds, Yorkshire, England I158084
2 Ashcroft, Private Enoch A.  9 Nov 1872Leeds, Yorkshire, England I158087
3 Beswick, Sarah Elizabeth  1875Leeds, Yorkshire, England I379945
4 Blackburn, Mary  11 Aug 1876Leeds, Yorkshire, England I440458
5 Charlton, Hilda  CALC 17 Mar 1899Leeds, Yorkshire, England I350492
6 Charlton, Hilda  28 Mar 1899Leeds, Yorkshire, England I179227
7 Cherry, Margaret  CALC 10 Mar 1851Leeds, Yorkshire, England I354024
8 Cyples, William  7 Mar 1892Leeds, Yorkshire, England I22531
9 Foster, Arthur  16 Jun 1856Leeds, Yorkshire, England I32679
10 Heslop, Charles Alexander  18 Aug 1890Leeds, Yorkshire, England I355603
11 Higgins, Charles  17 Oct 1874Leeds, Yorkshire, England I355611
12 Holroyd, Charles  1905Leeds, Yorkshire, England I349339
13 Horner, Stanley  25 Aug 1896Leeds, Yorkshire, England I355675
14 Horner, Walter  17 Mar 1893Leeds, Yorkshire, England I223763
15 Howcroft, Cyril  22 Apr 1900Leeds, Yorkshire, England I440526
16 Howcroft, Harry  22 Feb 1872Leeds, Yorkshire, England I440457
17 Howcroft, Kenneth William  1906Leeds, Yorkshire, England I350295
18 Howcroft, Mary Irene "Irene"  1903Leeds, Yorkshire, England I440459
19 Jacques, Charles  1871Leeds, Yorkshire, England I108971
20 Liddle, Edgar  1878Leeds, Yorkshire, England I119657
21 Liddle, Frances Beatrice  1874Leeds, Yorkshire, England I119655
22 Liddle, George  14 Apr 1854Leeds, Yorkshire, England I82410
23 Liddle, George William  24 Aug 1876Leeds, Yorkshire, England I82084
24 Morris, Hannah  30 Sep 1828Leeds, Yorkshire, England I172190
25 Parkinson, Roland J.  12 Dec 1882Leeds, Yorkshire, England I349323
26 Pawson, Clifford  3 Feb 1887Leeds, Yorkshire, England I166966
27 Peacock, Jane Elizabeth  27 Jul 1854Leeds, Yorkshire, England I82411
28 Peacock, William H. "Bill"  1901Leeds, Yorkshire, England I66553
29 Plint, Louisa  11 Apr 1827Leeds, Yorkshire, England I137896
30 Powell, Private Charles Ernest  25 Apr 1898Leeds, Yorkshire, England I38492
31 Pulford, James  23 Feb 1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England I358081
32 Seekins, Harold Wilson  15 Oct 1910Leeds, Yorkshire, England I207677
33 Senior, Arthur  11 Mar 1893Leeds, Yorkshire, England I350553
34 Spencer, Sarah  31 Jan 1857Leeds, Yorkshire, England I32680
35 Tales, Annie  23 Dec 1898Leeds, Yorkshire, England I47702
36 Tales, Elsie  1894Leeds, Yorkshire, England I424425
37 Tales, William "Bill"  5 Apr 1893Leeds, Yorkshire, England I47704
38 Wells, Alice  Abt 2 Mar 1879Leeds, Yorkshire, England I353836
39 Wells, Annie  Jul 1882Leeds, Yorkshire, England I231613
40 Wells, Charles  1902Leeds, Yorkshire, England I156443
41 Wells, Clara  29 Oct 1886Leeds, Yorkshire, England I34618
42 Wells, Edward "Ted"  18 Mar 1897Leeds, Yorkshire, England I231615
43 Wells, Harry  12 Mar 1895Leeds, Yorkshire, England I231614
44 Wells, Minnie  Feb 1885Leeds, Yorkshire, England I231610
45 Wells, Sarah  3 Nov 1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England I231609
46 Wells, Walter  CALC 10 Mar 1888Leeds, Yorkshire, England I156453
47 Whittle, Walter  9 Jan 1899Leeds, Yorkshire, England I221746


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Liddle, George  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England I82410
2 Maude, James Lea  1835Leeds, Yorkshire, England I120888


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Pawson, Clifford  Leeds, Yorkshire, England I166966
2 Powell, Private Charles Ernest  Leeds, Yorkshire, England I38492
3 Powell, Private Charles Ernest  Leeds, Yorkshire, England I38492
4 Pulford, James  Leeds, Yorkshire, England I358081
5 Senior, Arthur  Leeds, Yorkshire, England I350553
6 Wells, Herbert  Leeds, Yorkshire, England I231612


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beaumont / Plint  Jan 1854Leeds, Yorkshire, England F34306
2 Liddle / Peacock  1873Leeds, Yorkshire, England F21479
3 Maude / Jowett  14 Jun 1835Leeds, Yorkshire, England F34549
4 Parkinson / Hydes  Leeds, Yorkshire, England F251883
5 Spencer / Morris  1843Leeds, Yorkshire, England F168734