Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario


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Latitude: 42.9557869, Longitude: -81.6222975


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Page, Ellen A.  1854Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I113178
2 Keyes, John Emanuel "Jack"  8 Jun 1865Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I60798
3 Keyes, George Chester  10 Apr 1868Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I60027
4 Armstrong, Medalena  2 Jan 1871Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I205646
5 Griffith, William Paul  20 May 1871Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I132455
6 Brodbecht, Lottie  22 Sep 1877Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I380951
7 Brodrecht, Lottie  22 Sep 1877Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I84638
8 Wilkins, Charles Edgar  22 Dec 1880Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I188806
9 McFarland, George V.  30 Dec 1880Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I64386
10 Brodrecht, John Henry Richard  1881Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I40698
11 Calcutt, John William "Jack"  22 Jan 1886Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I195252
12 Woodhull, Charles Emard  25 May 1886Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I106622
13 DeGuerre, Frederic Claude  13 Jul 1888Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I388966
14 DeGuerre, Laura Belfry  24 Jul 1890Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I388968
15 Gilley, Alma Caroline  24 Jun 1891Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I197865
16 Merner, Maude Mae  1893Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I169663
17 Hinchcliffe, Emma Adelene  13 Oct 1895Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I12078
18 Marr, Laverne Osgoode  12 Sep 1899Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I28966
19 Peifer, Edith Mae "Mae"  24 Jun 1904Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I319685
20 Peifer, Lloyd Hilton  22 Jul 1906Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I319683
21 Statham, Mabel Emiley  10 Aug 1908Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I340062
22 Murray, Gregg Hammett  2 May 1909Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I225271
23 Ashby, Edith Cathryn Irene  11 Jul 1910Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I408352
24 Gundry, Alan Presland  14 Jan 1912Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I422137


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cargraph, Mary Mabel  14 Sep 1873Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I163298
2 Cargraph, Samuel Herlburt  14 Sep 1873Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I192317


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Salisbury, Nelson  20 Mar 1887Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I84066
2 Player, Edith Helen  15 Nov 1920Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I57932
3 Player, Edith Helen  15 Nov 1920Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I406248
4 Wiese, Herman  26 May 1930Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I84777
5 Kutt, Conrad John  9 Sep 1945Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I150749
6 Roth, Michael S.  16 Jan 1967Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I77678
7 Bender, Melvin William  17 Nov 1967Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I200471
8 Leiska, Edna Charlotte  16 Sep 1974Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I181333
9 Paladychuk, Peter  11 Feb 1977Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I195659
10 Gascho, Nancy S.  25 Aug 1981Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I77026
11 Weber, Manassa  25 Oct 1989Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I162078
12 Nelson, Margaret Campbell "Maggie"  18 Jan 1990Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I416518
13 Huehn, Marie Salome  30 Jan 1994Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I159690
14 Schmidt, Lauretta  18 Dec 1995Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I164535
15 Rosenberger, Doris Elizabeth  31 May 2011Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I14833
16 Schultz, William "Bill"  14 Sep 2012Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I384934
17 Weber, Barbara F.  21 May 2013Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I254030
18 Ponsford, Reginald "Reg"  17 Jul 2015Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I196396


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Abbott, James  Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I165109
2 Coleman, Jane "Jennie"  Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I16330
3 Wiese, Herman  28 May 1930Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I84777


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misfortune    Person ID 
1 Wiese, Herman  26 May 1930Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I84777


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Murray, John Gregg  1909Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I225269


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Marr, Laverne Osgoode  Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I28966
2 Marr, Laverne Osgoode  Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I28966
3 Wiese, Harold John  Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I84820
4 Wiese, Dr. Theodore F.  Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I84821
5 Rymal, George  1864Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I53020
6 Mudge, Lewis Croin "Lou"  CA 1866Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I72426
7 Cutten, Julia Woodruff  1873Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I56702
8 Page, Allen  1873Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I245810
9 Page, Ellen A.  1873Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I113178
10 Springer, Dr. Menno  1874Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I10767
11 Hammett, Myrtle Leitch  1909Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I225270
12 Coleman, Catharine  1922Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I16331
13 Brightrall, Private George Clarence  1931Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I180126
14 Kropf, John R.  1950Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario I144317


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Doering / Page  9 Jul 1873Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario F29568
2 Earhart / Kellestine  20 Apr 1874Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario F14686
3 Dryden / Dale  17 Nov 1890Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario F262387
4 Broome / Paul  19 Oct 1922Strathroy, Middlesex Co., Ontario F21644