Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario


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Latitude: 43.3692697, Longitude: -80.8370375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albrecht, Magdalena "Mattie"  Oct 1899Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I163527
2 Amacher, Lila Corrine  10 Nov 1902Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I181893
3 Amacher, William Henry  22 Apr 1875Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I181909
4 Arnold, Gregory Louis "Louis"  9 Feb 1843Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I32330
5 Cossey, William J.  1890Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I79547
6 Critz, Florence Victoria  1895Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I196203
7 Dantzer, Alexander Lorentz  28 Jul 1884Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I32352
8 Dietrich, Joseph  15 Oct 1855Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I59723
9 Eiler, Laura  CALC 10 Oct 1860Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I352027
10 Erb, Edwin Benjamin  20 Jun 1857Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I16414
11 Gabel, Myrtle Louise  13 Jan 1925Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I93701
12 Gishler, Melba Emma  7 Jan 1913Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I121985
13 Hartleib, Marcella  18 Dec 1903Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I160183
14 Heideman, Nettie May  1898Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I309264
15 Henkel, Henrietta  Sep 1877Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I191596
16 Hesse, Delans  24 Sep 1896Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I355604
17 Irvine, Alice Loveridge  31 Jul 1913Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I127963
18 Lobsinger, Louise  19 Mar 1843Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I49655
19 MacFarlane, Percy R.  17 Dec 1900Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I74415
20 McFarlane, Lottie Ella  1891Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I180133
21 Minchin, Dr. David John  28 Dec 1858Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I38673
22 Offord, Ida M.  23 Jul 1867Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I60753
23 Schmidt, Gordon Earl William  11 Dec 1895Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I65913
24 Simmons, Samuel  17 Oct 1843Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I4340
25 Simmons, Rev. William  16 Jul 1849Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I4342
26 Thompson, Jessie  Feb 1878Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I189161
27 Wagler, Catherine "Katie"  21 Jul 1909Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I180032
28 Wagler, Omar  9 Sep 1919Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I86054
29 Welker, Frank E.  Aug 1872Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I169187
30 Whiteman, Florence Katharine "Katharine"  12 Sep 1890Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I179760
31 Whiteman, Lieutenant Francis Herbert  2 Mar 1894Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I179761
32 Whiteman, Vivian Margaret  28 Jun 1899Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I179763


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anna Catharina  12 Apr 1890Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I235435
2 Bender, Barbara S.  19 May 1964Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I78315
3 Bender, Jacobena "Bena"  25 Dec 1959Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I77794
4 Boehmer, Elizabeth  17 Jun 1869Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I134009
5 Cook, Charles  14 Feb 1929Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I29555
6 Cooley, May J.  26 May 1930Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I196277
7 Dantzer, Peter  28 May 1888Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I101762
8 Frank, Andreas Christian  23 Apr 1876Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I366552
9 Fraser, Alexander M.  5 Feb 1930Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I196185
10 Keller, Karl  10 Jun 1978Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I204442
11 Lutenbacher, Marie Rosalia "Rosalia"  28 Jul 1886Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I101763
12 McCallum, George  2 Dec 1935Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I124065
13 McKay, Hannah Hedley  3 Sep 1868Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I129754
14 Nau, Edward  11 Mar 1968Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I169933
15 Robertson, Janet  6 Dec 1933Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I124070
16 Sararas, Lucinda O.  1962Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I202667
17 Scheerer, George Conrad  9 Jun 1991Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I371684
18 Schmidt, Mary  23 Feb 1922Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I123250
19 Schultz, John L.  3 May 1934Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I76945
20 Steckly, Mary  12 Oct 1983Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I160906
21 Steinman, Idella  6 Sep 1981Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I125639
22 Trachsel, David C.  19 Jul 1903Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I240794
23 Wendland, Conrad  30 Nov 1931Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I225909
24 Yakie, Elisabeth  12 Nov 1891Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I240793


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cairncross, Edmund Alphemy  Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I86704
2 Holwell, Elisabeth  Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I86705
3 Kuehne, William Henry  Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I196202
4 McFarlane, Griscilda  Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I196059
5 Richardson, Samuel H.  Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I196060


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Fraser, Alexander M.  1920Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I196185
2 Herold, Phillip  1909Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I200503
3 Wilker, William C.  1908Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I78670


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cairncross, Helen Elizabeth  1870Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I77131
2 Campell, Janett  1861Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I255395
3 Dahmer, Private Elmer Arthur  Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I90436
4 Diehl, Emma  1908Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I202415
5 Erb, Barbara Leona  1973Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I160608
6 Gelz, Margaretha  1876Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I245630
7 Gingerich, Enos  1969Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I28535
8 Gunder, Annie Elizabeth  1864Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I330788
9 Klinkman, Henry  1928Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I202185
10 Leis, Katherine "Katie"  1975Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I164519
11 Letson, Henry  1861Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I273712
12 Moore, Rachel  1866Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I11289
13 Neeb, Eleanor Lillian  1999Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I157574
14 Neeb, Harold Oscar  1976Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I165650
15 Ross, Sophia Hermina  1895Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I150959
16 Whiteman, Lieutenant Francis Herbert  Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I179761
17 Yantzi, Wayne John  1993Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I270577
18 Zehr, Aaron W.  1975Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario I38055


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bechtel / Wright  21 Oct 1927Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario F47617
2 Cairncross / Holwell  11 Jun 1878Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario F22474
3 Cole / Moore  14 Apr 1866Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario F11252
4 Faulhafer / Cook  17 Apr 1918Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario F41475
5 Feik / Ross  9 Apr 1895Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario F37924
6 Heiser / Satchell  17 Oct 1906Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario F17933
7 Krahling / Eiler  25 Apr 1882Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario F11216
8 Pequegnat / McFarlane  7 Jul 1914Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario F55250
9 Ratz / Gabel  15 Jun 1910Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario F241907
10 Snyder / Kennell  28 Mar 1917Shakespeare, Perth Co., Ontario F8912